Data Protection Statement

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) We (Proglide Lincoln Ltd) will keep personal data on file, for business use only.

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify a living person, including names, addresses and contact details. Most organisations use personal data in their daily operations.

Data is stored in the following applications :
- OneDrive which uses encryption to protect data and can only be accessed by password protected devices.
- Our accounts are stored on Quick Books which can only be accessed by password, through a secured site.
- Appointments which include name and contact numbers are made on Microsoft Outlook, which can only be accessed by password /PIN protected devices.

Under article 17 - You have the right to request erasure.

We will respond to a request for erasure without undue delay and within one month of receipt.

Please be advised - we will not give or sell on your data to third parties.

COVID-19 - Customer Safety Policy

Policy Ref : PG001 / 0321 / version 1.0


N.B. Facemasks and hand sanitiser carried by all of our representatives at all times


All appointments are conducted outside, where social distancing rules are obseerved.

Please indicate at the point of arranging the appointment if you are shielding – we can make the necessary arrangements and conduct all business over the telephone.

If you have a gated property , we ask that you yourself open and close this (upon our arrival/leaving your property).

All paperwork : Quotations / Orders placed / copy of our T+C’s, will be generated from the office, and sent electronically by e-mail or text, where possible.


The Installation team will notify you when they arrive.

We do not expect you to open your door to our installers, please be advised they are working to a strict ‘Zero Contact’ policy - they only need notify you of their arrival.

Each fitting team have their own nominated tools, which are regularly sanitised.

Once the work has been completed, the installers will notify you observing social distancing rules.

The office will contact you, to ensure you are happy with the work and to take electronic payment, where possible.

Once payment has been made, electronic confirmation of receipt will be e-mailed / texted, where possible.

Key fobs are contained in plastic bags – the plastic bags themselves have obviously been handled by our installers – but the fobs inside the bags have not. We advise that you take the fobs out of the plastic bag, discard this, and wash your hands immediately afterwards.

A manual override is supplied as standard, so that you can still open your garage door in the event of a power failure. Please do not handle this for the first 4 weeks following installation.

If you need to use the manual override, before the end of the 4 week period please contact us, and we will come out and do this for you.

Tel: Office 01522 790014 9am to 5.30 pm / Out of hours : mobile 07808 812121